DVD cover evaluation

Compared to original draft:

My finished product is pretty similar to my original ideas because the images I have used are similar to my original ideas, my original intentions were to have Ron-Joy in a stance flexing which I have used on the back of the DVD. The composition of my final product is also similar to my original ideas, everything is positioned the way I intended.


I would say that my finished product has loads of strong points to it, which have made it fit the theme fairly well. The font used for the title fits the super hero theme pretty well, and it stands out and grabs your attention. The composition of the cover as a whole and the logos are to a professional standard, which I’m really pleased with. The colours used are mostly dark, I did this to help key things stand out like the title font and images of Ron-Joy. The images of Ron-Joy have been airbrushed with tools in Photoshop such as the spot healing for any blemishes on his face and a combination of  there fine edge tool with the clone stamp tool to tidy up the edges.


In contrast to the strengths of my DVD cover there is only 1 weakness I can spot, I would say that the background image I used would look better on a horror movie DVD cover.

What would I have done differently?:

If I was to make the DVD cover again I would change the background image to something that fits the theme better, such as a school courtyard. I would also change the font I used for the synopsis.

Peer comments:

When I had fully completed my DVD cover I went around the class and asked for peoples opinions on what I had produced. A lot of the comments I got back were positive, with people saying how my DVD cover has a professional composition and that the fonts and images used suit the theme very well.


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