Movie poster editing process

To begin with I started with making the background. I did this by making the background layer black, and creating a new layer (CMD+SHIFT+N) over it which was white. I then selected the gradient tool and changed it’s settings to transparent stripes and the shape of it to circular and made the circle pattern.

Still on designing the background I created a mask layer for the layer with the circle pattern on and then selected the gradient tool with it being set to “linear gradient”. Doing this gave it a gradual fade to black at the bottom.

Next I imported some pictures of characters from the film which I had already cut out using the polygonal losso tool (L).

After I had imported the characters I made a black box at the bottom of the image with the shape tool (U), as I did this I moved the layer for this box above the character’s layers to hide the character’s legs.

I created a vector mask for the black box layer and used the linear gradient tool to make the top half of the box fade into the rest of the image. The reason for making this box is to help the text I use stand out.

With the image complete I then proceeded to add text to the poster. I used the same fonts on the poster that I used on the DVD cover.

When the poster was complete I flattened the image and went around the edges using the polygonal lasso tool and clone stamp to hide any remaining white pixels which show that the image has been cut out.



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