Movie poster evaluation

Compared to original draft:

My original ideas for my poster were going to have similarities with the DVD cover. As you can see I have managed to stick to this with the fonts I have used. However I have chosen to use a much more simplistic background. The background is inspired by the movie poster for kick-ass.


I would say that my finished poster has a lot of strong points and came out better than my DVD cover because the air brushing on the poster has had more time put into it. As I have stuck to the same font that I used for the DVD cover it suits the theme very well. Just like the DVD cover the poster has a professional layout. The colours for the poster are much more bold and stand out more compared to the DVD cover.


The only weakness I could pick up on the poster was the clothing that the models have on, some of it is branded, for example Corins coat.

What would I have done differently?:

If I was to do the poster again I would personally change the background, it looks fine as it is but I would like to have something that helps show what the film is about because the current background is pretty simple and doesn’t hint towards anything.

Peer comments:

When I had completed my movie poster I went around the class and asked my peers for their opinions on my finished work. Just like my DVD cover there were a lot of positive comments. People said that the composition looked professional and picked up on all the hard work I put into airbrushing the edges of the characters.


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