Creating my film trailer

One of the effects I use quite a bit at the beginning of my trailer is fades, to add a fade I turned on the levels by clicking the levels button in the bottom left hand corner. Next I selected the pen tool (P) and made points on selected clip, and to make the fade I simply dragged on of the points down. I also used this method to make audio fade in and out.

Another edit I made to my trailer was a freeze frame, to achieve this I double clicked on a the desired clip to bring it up in the view. I then scanned through the clip to find the frame I wish to freeze and once I had found it I pressed shift + N to create the freeze frame. Afterwards I dragged the freeze frame from the viewer to the timeline and positioned it where I wanted it.

In some parts of my trailer I added text, I did this by clicking on the text button below the viewer. I was also able to position the text in the canvas and further adjust it in the viewer.


Some of the text I used in the trailer required animating, in the screenshot above I am adding a scale increase animation to the film title at the end. I achieved this effect by opening up the text in the viewer, clicking on the motion tab and setting different scale sizes at different frames.

I slowed down 1 or 2 clips in my trailer, in the above screenshot I am slowing down the “bump and grind”  scene. I achieved this effect by pressing CMD + J to bring up the change speed window and then reduced the speed to 50%.


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