Film Trailer Evaluation

How does my finished trailer compare to my original ideas?:

To begin with our original ideas were very different to what our final trailer turned out to be like, but we changed the original idea from aliens to super heros at the start because we knew that some of the effects we wanted couldn’t be achieved and would have made the trailer look very cheap and awful. Our original ideas for a super hero film match our final product pretty well, we managed to stick to the storyboard we made apart from one shot where Ron-Joy takes a breath from his inhaler, we didn’t have an inhaler on us at the time so we improvised and changed the scene slightly so that Ron-Joy runs into a lamp post after being distracted instead.

What where our strengths?:

I would say the strengths for our trailer would be the structure because the storyline is clear. Another strength would be that the trailer fits the theme very well, when some of my peers reviewed it they all laughed at parts that where supposed to be funny. Another strong point would be that we managed to capture all the footage in a day, except for one shot which was only a few seconds long and took us barely any time to re-shoot.

What where our weaknesses?:

To begin with I would say that one of our weaknesses would be the lack of shots and one shot in particular was framed bad, the scene where the stranger gives Ron-Joy the magical drink the stranger is out of frame and has been cut off. Another weakness would be the fact that we didn’t stick to our shooting script that well, and for some scenes it was starting to rain so we had to rush them. Another weakness would be the voice over, the first copy of it wasn’t done as a group and we didn’t have anyone who had a deep voice so we had to use my voice and change the pitch, additionally my voice lacked enthusiasm.

What shot types were used?:

To begin with we used an establishing shot of Ron-Joy reading a comic book in the library, this lets the viewer know where that scene is set. We also used several close up shots to show Ron-Joys emotions and actions, such as where he falls to the floor after being bullied and where he has his drink stolen. One shot in particular that I really like is the close up shot at the end of Ron-Joy’s glasses on the floor, and Ron-Joy is blurred out in the background searching for them.

What transitions have been used?:

I chose not to use any flashy effects in my trailer because it wouldn’t have suited the theme and would have made it unfitting to what genre we was aiming for. I did however use quite a few fades at the start that went with the music and built some sort of suspense up until the freeze frame where the whole mood of the film changes.


To begin with the pace of the music and trailer is quite slow and dramatic, but when it gets to the freeze frame the whole mood changes. Towards the end of the film the pace of trailer and music speed up, with jump cuts made on the beat.


The length of my trailer is around about a minute and a half which is a pretty decent length because if it was too long the viewers would have been bored, and if it was too short the story wouldn’t be clear and the viewers wouldn’t understand what is going on.

What would I have done differently?:

If I was to make the trailer again I would firstly get a wider variety of shots to work with and secondly I would retake that shot of the stranger and frame it properly.

Group feedback:

We were put into groups to get feedback from our peers, the feedback I got was mostly positive. People were saying how the trailer fits the genres we chose really well. They were also saying how the freeze frame I used added comedic value to my trailer.

Someone said that the voice over could have been improved because it lacked enthusiasm and it didn’t sound serious enough.

Someone said that the pace of the trailer fitted the music well and they also liked the jump cuts I used at the end, along with the way the title fades in.


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