Advertising Feedback

Below are the questions I asked my peers when they reviewed my advert, along with their answers.
The feedback I got doesn’t vary enough because we did the feedback in small groups.

What are the strengths?

My peers said that my advert was very bright and vibrant which goes well with the theme. They also said that the advert was clear and they could tell what the advert was selling. Additionally they said that they liked the slogan and the design of the font.

What technical elements could be improved?

My peers said that the design of the can could have been more detailed.

Does it clearly display what the drink is?

Like stated above, my peers all agreed that the advert is clearly displaying what the drink is because of the writing at the bottom of the advert and the surrounding fruit.



Overview of production and post-production

To begin with we had a production meeting in groups to come up with ideas for our soft drink. First of all we chose to do a fizzy milkshake but that idea was already taken so we could not do it. The next Idea we came up with was fizzy tea but we thought that the idea was weak and wouldn’t go anywhere. In the end we was set the task of making a new brand of cola, and because we already came up with the idea of our drink being multi flavoured from the fizzy milkshake idea, we all agreed on making a multi flavoured cola. The next thing we did was come up with a name for this multi flavoured cola, the first name we came up with was “Multicola” which is a play on words of multi colour, we thought this name was catchy until we came up with the name “Colaful” which we decided to stick with because it sounds more catchy. Afterwards we had to decide on a demographic for our product, we decided that our product was going to be aimed at a youngish audience (Between the ages of 10-30). After this we had to come up with benefits and features for our product as well as coming up with a Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Our drink has many features, such as:

  • It is a fizzy drink
  • It’s naturally flavoured
  • It’s rich in vitamin C
  • It’s recyclable
  • It’s small
  • It contains caffeine
  • It’s low in calories

As a result of these features, there were many benefits we came up with, such as:

  •  It’s small enough to carry around
  • Because of the low-calorie count, it is good for people on diets
  • It counts towards 1 of your 5 a day
  • The customer can recycle the can
  • It tastes great
  • The caffeine gives an energy boost

The unique selling point for our product was quite obvious and we did not have any trouble coming up with one, and this USP is the fact that our drink is a multi-flavoured cola drink.

After we had decided on a USP we then had to come up with a slogan, which as a group we came up with a few. The first slogan we came up with was “At the end of each rainbow is a can of Colaful” despite it being a decent slogan we decided not to go with it as it was too long, we were looking for something more short and snappy that will be easy to remember. The next slogan we came up with was “The rainbows origins” which was much shorter so we knew we were on the right tracks but we decided against it because it wasn’t catchy enough. In the end the slogan we decided to use was “Brighten your day, the Colaful way!” because we thought this slogan had all the right elements we were looking for, it was both short and easy to remember.

The last stage of creating our product was to come up with a logo for it, we all did our own take on making a logo for the product. My logo personally was hand drawn, scanned to the computer and then edited in Photoshop. I used the scanned image as a template, went over it with the “Pen” tool and then coloured in the spaces accordingly with the “Paint bucket” tool. This was the logo I came up with:

I think my logo portrays the product pretty well as it sums up what the product is about with the use of a rainbow, and with the added bubbles it shows that the drink is fizzy.

Now that we had fully created a concept for a drink, we had to come up with a design for an advert. All of our adverts were going to be different but they all had to relate to the same theme, and to come up with this theme we produced a mindmap of some of the things we should try to include in our adverts. The ideas that we stuck with from the mindmap are:

  • Natural/Organic, to show that the product is good for you
  • Bright & Vibrant, to relate to the product and grab the viewer’s attention
  • Warm colours, to make the viewer think about summer time (which in a way relates to the escape technique used in advertising)
  • Hot & Cool, to help emphasise the fact that the drink is refreshing

As well as the ideas we stuck with, there were some we didn’t stick with, such as:

  • Explosions, because explosions are over rated and we wanted something unique
  • Music notes, because they do not relate to our product in any way
  • Sport, similar reason to the music note idea, it is hard to relate sport with our product

Skills I have learnt and creative ability

Throughout the course of the project I have learnt a wide variety of different skills. First of all I learnt a great deal about the different styles of adverts and how the techniques are used to appeal to their demographic. I have also developed better teamwork skills and as a result of working in a group it has helped me become more creative because as a group we were able to share our thoughts and ideas. Additionally I have further developed my Photoshop skills whilst creating my advert, I have learnt how to layer objects correctly, use the quick selection tool to cut things out, and how to create a 3D can as well as various shortcut keys to help quicken the process. As a result of playing around in Photoshop it has help expand on my creative ability as I have produced an advert that works very well with the product.

What went well?

What I would say went well would be the fact that we got on well as a group and was able to generate some good thoughts such as the name of the product, its benefits and features, the slogan and the mindmap we made to generate thoughts for our adverts. I would also say that my logo and advert personally turned out pretty well despite the fact that I had to a few amendments here and there with my advert.

What didn’t go well?

The pace at which we were generating our ideas didn’t go so well. I would also say that to begin with, there wasn’t an awful lot of group discussion going on but when we got to the grips of things we began to discuss ideas more freely.

What were my strengths?

My strengths for this project were the fact that I was quite easily able to share any thoughts that came to mind as well as being able to understand and get the grasp of Photoshop quite easily, and as a result developed new skills with Photoshop.

What were my weaknesses?

I think the only weakness for this project was the fact that I generated ideas rather slow but because of this I have further developed my creative ability.

How did my final product vary from my initial idea?

Our original idea was to use a bottle because it has more features and benefits such as a resealable lid and worked well with my initial idea for my advert, which is pretty similar to my finished advert except my initial idea for my advert was to use bottles instead of cans and I was going to have rainbows shooting out of those bottles. In the end we went with using a can because it is easier to create in Photoshop with the use of the 3D can model which has already been made in Photoshop.

What would I have done differently?

Given the opportunity to do this project again, I would try to use a different advertising technique in my advert such as escape, with escape I could have taken a similar concept but changed the environment of the advert from a field to a lush oasis, and could have tried giving the advert a surreal side effect like Redbull does when it says ‘It gives you wings!’.


I am overall pleased with my final product because it all works together very well, the slogan is short and catchy, and the advert relates very well to what the product has to offer.

Production process

When it came round to creating my advert I used Adobe Photoshop, below is 3 screenshots of the process I went through to get my final product. My original concept was to have 2 Colaful cans sat in a field surrounded by a load of fruit which is what the drink contains, this also gives the advert an organic and natural feel.

Screenshot 1:

The first thing I did with my advert was find a suitable theme, and my initial idea was to use a field as it relates to the product being organic and natural. I got the image of a field from Google images and opened it in Photoshop as the background layer. I then took a picture of some grapes of Google and opened them in a separate Photoshop document. The image of the grapes I got had a white background so I had to cut around edges with the quick select tool. After cutting out the grapes I dragged them into the other image which had the background picture of a field, in doing this I noticed that the edges that had been cut out from the quick select tool were untidy as there were still patches of white around the edges, I solved this problem by zooming in and carefully rubbing out all the patches with the eraser tool. Once the grapes were fully cut out I then proceeded to resize them with the transformation tools (CMD + T), I did this to play around with the perspectives to make the advert look more realistic.

Screenshot 2:

Whilst making the advert I continued to add more fruit using the same process of cutting them out with the quick selection tool and going over them with the eraser tool. The pictures I used were of loose fruit so I had to duplicate the images. The way in which I did this was by creating a copy layer (CMD +J) of the original layer in which the fruit was on. I also duplicated the grapes with the same method and moved the layers around to make it appear as if there were grapes in the background as well as foreground.

The next thing I did was add the cans, which I made earlier as a 3D image. I dragged the image of the can into the advert and used the 3D object rotate tool to position the can how I wanted it. Afterwards I duplicated the can with the copy layer method and used the transformation tools (CMD +T) to resize and rotate the cans. Whilst I positioned everything I played around with the layers in the layers window to bring layers forwards and backwards to make it appear as if certain objects E.G the can on the left is resting amongst the grapes. I messed around with the hue and saturation of the grapes on the left, but when I did this the whole image changed colour as well. I solved this issue by right clicking on the layer the grapes were on and selecting ‘merge down’. After this I proceeded to add some text, I did this by pressing the short-cut key (T) and then clicked where I wanted the text and typed in the slogan. To change the font style I selected a font called ‘Ravie’ from the font drop down menu and to change the front size I selected 60 pt from the font size drop down menu. To get the arc effect I right clicked the layer the text was on and selected ‘warp text’, in the menu that popped up I selected arc from the drop down menu. I did this intentionally to mimic the shape of a rainbow.

Screenshot 3:

Yet again I added more fruit to my advert using the same process of cutting them out with the quick selection tool, going over them with the eraser tool, and resizing them with the transformation controls (CMD +T). In addition I added a tag line at the bottom of the advert detailing what the drink is as the drink isn’t a recognised brand. Afterwards I decided to change the style of the text for the slogan and the tag line. I did this by right clicking on the layer the text was on and selected ‘blending options’. In the menu that popped up selected Drop Shadow, Stroke and Gradient Overlay. In the Gradient Overlay menu I selected the rainbow gradient from the gradient drop down menu. After I did this I noticed that the rainbow pattern wasn’t spread across my text evenly like I wanted it to. To solve this issue I changed the angle from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. As for the tag line I went into blending options again but instead selected Drop Shadow and Bevel and Emboss.

EDIT: I changed the background layer because the original background image did not relate to brightening your day (the slogan).

Original photographic images

In order to create our adverts for our drink, we needed to take some original images of objects and people that we wish to include in our advert. The general idea for my advert was to have two Colaful bottles/cans lying in a load of fruit in a field.

The first image that I took for my advert was a pear:

The second image that I took for my advert was an orange:

The the third image that I took for my advert was a banana:

I did not have all the fruit I wanted originally at home to bring to college for the photo shoot so I got the rest of the images from Google.

Additionally I took a picture of an apple during the photo shoot but decided not to keep it because the apple itself didn’t look too healthy,  which would not look good in my advert: