My finished product is pretty similar to my original ideas because I stuck to the same overall layout and positioning of the models. The strength of our groups campaign was the fact that we eventually got a long with one another and produced some creative ideas. However we had many weaknesses as well, at the start of the campaign our group didn’t get on as well as it could have done, we all had different music tastes and didn’t communicate an awful lot, also ideas were generated quite slowly.

The strengths for my individual media product would be the fact that it looks well presented and the colour scheme goes very well with the set theme and the background used. The weakness of my media product however could be the choice of background, I could have used something more striking rather than the current dull and boring one I used.

As well as the background I could also have improved upon the models, they could have been manipulated a lot more by using tools such as Hue/Saturation or Colour balance which would help them blend in with the background to make the image as a whole appear more natural and realistic.

The other members of my group think my final product turned out pretty well and commented on how it looks very neat and professional. I myself am very pleased with the outcome of my media product and found it fun and challenging working with a group of people who have different tastes in music to me.


Campaign Analysis

The artist’s album I am choosing to analyse is The Maccabees ‘Given to the Wild’.

Album artwork for given to the wild:

The album cover at first glance looks pretty plain but vibrant, yet manages to portray a message. The logo consists of a small block of structured text tucked away in the left hand corner. The way the logo is positioned makes it recognisable to fans and music fanatics. In the middle there is a nest, along with this nest, the logo and the nest are both an indication of isolation. The music on the album does relate to the theme of isolation in a way because the music is based around the bands independent struggle to make a successful album. The colour of the flames at the bottom of the album clash heavily with the cool blue colour of the sky and help illustrate the wild aspect of the album. There are no models used for the album artwork because The Maccabees are an indie band which are quite underground, therefore they’re unheard of and using models such as band members on the cover wouldn’t necessarily help the album sell.

Print advert for given to the wild:

This advert is a variation of the original album artwork for ‘Given to the Wild’. It still sticks to the same theme of isolation but the colour scheme has been changed to create a much cooler vibe. This change in colour scheme lets off a much more relaxed mood and seems to completely avoid the Wild side of theme and helps make the cover look more desolate.

The clash – London Calling album artwork:

The album artwork for London Calling by The Clash is completely different to The Maccabees because it is the complete opposite of being calm and isolated. The bassist from the band Paul Simonon is seen smashing up his bass guitar in black and white. The picture is also quite grainy and gritty which reflects the style of music that the album has on it. The writing sticks out with its distinct pink and green colour scheme which helps grabs the viewers attention. This “clash” in colour also reflects upon the music.

Kasabian – Velociraptor:

The album artwork for Velociraptor by Kasabian is much more simplistic compared to the other albums above. Despite it’s simplistic art style it still has a message behind it. The 4 faces that are surrounding the title are there because there are 4 band members. These faces also reflect upon the title of the album “velociraptor” because velociraptors used to hunt in packs of 4. The theme of dinosaurs relates to the album because like dinosaurs, the album is loud and full of attitude.

My original ideas

As a group we decided to stick to a theme of red tape because it relates to the red tape in life, such as all the laws and rules being enforced which create a lot of restriction. The red tape the artists are wrapped in represents their struggle to get themselves recognised as a band. Sticking to the red tape concept, one of my group members suggested that I repositioned the artists and said that they could be bound to objects. My third poster design wasn’t that great, and someone from my group noted how the artists look like mummies or monsters out of a horror movie. My finished poster is going to look like the first one because I think it portrays the artists struggle the best. The text in the drafts is temporary because we have not yet decided on a final font to use, we will however stick to the black and red colour scheme.

Draft 1

Draft 2

Draft 3

Press Release

Universal studios

123 Universal Street, E16 75402


Phone- 01604 777888

Fax- 8008135




Contact: Holman Music

Office: 0764573276


The New Rogues debut album ‘Bound by Lies’

Northampton, 06 March 2012 – The New Rogues are set to release their debut album which is due to come out next week on Monday 12th March. As a result of this they will be in Northampton HMV to sign album covers and merchandise.

“We’re so surprised at how easy it was to get signed, there’s a lot of fierce competition out there”, exclaimed front man Reginald Lane. “We got such a great reaction from fans at various small venues around the country and we’re glad to be releasing an album so quickly.

The New Rogues are a new and upcoming band from rural Northamptonshire who formed just over a year ago, but have since shown a rise in popularity. They started out playing in local clubs and pubs and eventually went on to touring the country playing at a wide array of venues. The band name is based on Reginald’s farther’s band name ‘The Rogues’, which were a hit in the early 80s.

For further information checkout http://www.facebook.com/The_New_Rogues, http://www.warnerbrosrecords.com or contact HMV Northampton on 01604 232662.