Pulp Fiction opening scene voice over



Voice over commentary script


The film I am going to be reviewing is Pulp Fiction.

Genre is the word used to categorise a piece of writing, music or film. Codes and conventions are used to help the viewer, reader or listener define what genre that piece of writing, music or film falls under. An example would be blood in a horror film, blood is a convention for horror films.

Pulp fiction’s genres are crime / thriller, with these genres the codes and conventions the audience should expect to see are crime, violence and strong language.

The first picture you see is a dictionary description of the word ‘Pulp’, this gives the viewer a quick insight into what the film is about. On top of this there is no music at all, this creates a mood that makes the viewer question what the film is about because their is no set music to help define the movie.

Shortly after you can hear a motor bike, this gives the viewer a vague idea of where the film could be set, without using any images.

After this you see an establishing shot with 2 characters from the film, they are sat at a table in a diner / restaurant, the use of this establishing shot shows the viewer where the film is set. Both of the characters are in casual clothes and have scruffy hair which shows that the characters are not from an upper class but are however working class people.

The first few lines contain swearing, this tells the viewer that the film could cover some strong themes which fall under the 18 certificate. The use of profane language is a convention for crime films. The female character makes a remark on how the other character sounds like a duck and starts making duck noises, this shows the viewer that this character could be a nut case. Shortly after the characters stop talking there is a close up shot of a waitress asking if they want any more coffee, this confirms to the viewer that they are sat in a restaurant.

After this the male character talks about robbing banks and the risks involved, this shows that the film is going to include crime which is good because crime is an obvious code for crime based films.

The male character then complains about how there are too many foreigners and uses the word ‘gook’ which is a racial slur directly aimed at Koreans. Racism is convention of crime films, this and the repeated talk about robbing banks and shops shows the viewer that this films genre is crime. If the codes in a film were completely different to what is normally included in that genre then the film would fall under a completely different category.

The 2 characters then proceed to talk about killing people which again suggests that people are going to be killed in this film. Murder is yet another convention of crime films.

Shortly after there is a wide shot of the  2 characters drawing their guns and they start to rob the restaurant, this scene is adrenaline rushed which is a convention for thriller films.

A narrative structure is the way in which a story unfolds. Pulp Fiction’s narrative structure is a Multi-strand structure because the film follows the view from different characters as the story unfolds. Each of these different views are titled to show the viewer that the story is being shown from another characters point of view. This narrative structure forces the viewer to think a lot to figure out what the main storyline is about.