The Borrowers effect

Today in advertising theory we came up with ideas for making images where people appear to be small. We achieved this effect by taking multiple images, firstly of the area we wanted the “small people” to be in and secondly the people themselves. After we had our pictures we used Adobe Photoshop to edit them. In Photoshop we used tools such as Polygonal Lasso to cut around the people with precision and Warp to change the shape of the peoples shadows. The way in which we created the shadows is by firstly copying the already cut out person by making a new layer (CMD +J), editing the levels to make the copy darker (CMD +L) , and then finally adding a blur effect mixed with a low opacity.

Below is the idea I came up with, it is supposed to be 2 small people playing around with a mac. It didn’t turn out so well because the person to the right pushing the mouse is out of focus and the person to the left is in focus more than the picture itself, thus causing the picture as a whole to look unrealistic.